Giving new life to scrap

All manufacturing produces off-cuts in producing finished products. Generating huge amounts of waste, these off-cuts have reached their end-of-life, no longer have use or purpose. Unable to be be reduced or reused, these scraps are consider waste and add tonnes of scrap to landfills each year. 

Worldwide, we feel the growing concern and global pressure to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. For most business owners, an overseas solution of exporting textile off-cuts is available but remains expensive and limited. Focusing on  industries we knew, we felt we could make the largest impact on upholstery and fabric waste. GeoBlend was born from this need to find an alternative use for these usable, clean excess scraps. 

Initial GeoBlend testing began in 2015 with research and development focusing on potential uses, composition and machinery. After many years of extensive market research and product testing, GeoBlend is now used as a proprietary fill in pillows, dog beds and insert cushions diverting  thousands of tonnes of waste from landfills each year.